Thursday, October 27, 2011


I didn't live through the civil rights movement. However, I do know that black people had a hard time to say the least at getting equal rights. Whats strange is that they wanted to be equal and be able to use the same facilities as white people, and now they have their own organizations for black people. Professional Black Rodeo, scholarships for blacks only, black schools, black churches...the list goes on and on. Makes no sense to me. Seems they are only holding themselves back. Today, driving through my hometown of Shreveport, LA, I noticed a sign outside of a church. A huge sign for all to see. It said, "Hispanic Worship Service" with a designated time. Isn't this inherently racist? Maybe I should start a church or a business and put a sign outside that says, "Whites Only." It wouldn't take 30 minutes for me to have a lawsuit on my door, and it would make national news. But it's OK if a member of any other race or religion does it. I'm sure they would use it as "free speech." The same wouldn't work for me. I'm all for equal rights and I'll fight for anyone on the issue, and welcome all races and religions to my place of business. Is it too much to ask for the same in return?