Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am The 53%

I love my country...the 99% do not
I study capitalism...the 99% do not
I study and despise communism...the 99% does not
I know that communism is a death sentence...the 99% does not
I study socialism...the 99% does not
I know that socialism promotes laziness...the 99% does not
I have student loans that I will pay back...the 99% do not want to and most likely won't
I have had a job since 16 (11 years) until recently due to injury but I'm trying to get one...the 99% does not
I refuse to be a parasite...the 99% is a parasite
I have never asked the govt.  for nor do I want its assistance (other than student loans)...the 99% demands more
I dont promote violence...the 99% does
I'm not a neo-nazi...the 99% is
I don't disrespect anyone because of race or religion...the 99% does
I am responsible for myself only...the 99% thinks I'm responsible for them
I can't find a job and it isn't Wall St.'s fault...the 99% thinks it is
I know the government does me more harm than good...the 99% doesn't
I take a shower...the 99% doesn't
I am not a stooge for anyone...the 99% is
I have read the Constitution...the 99% has not
I support the Constitution...the 99% does not
I refuse to take from anyone without consent...the 99% expects it
I will work for the rest of my life to better my life...the 99% expects me to do the same for them
I have a laptop, automobile, cell phone, PS3 and many other possessions...I know capitalism made it...the 99% do not
I support human rights...the 99% support their rights only

I am the 53% and I am damn proud of it.

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